Adam and Amisha’s celebrations all lead up to this gorgeous celebration, full of tradition.  So much tradition, it is overwhelming to many of us.  Even if you are not a member of the Hindu culture, it is not hard to get drawn into the excitement and captivated by all the wonderful traditions it possesses.  While, even with Amisha and her families explanations, still do not understand the meaning of everything that happened this day, I do appreciate it for it’s deep routes in their families beliefs.  Some traditions are fun loving and silly, some are exciting, and some are emotional, but they all encompass an undeniable feeling of pride that fills the air.  Pride the brides family shares with the world, when they accept her new husband, their new son, and allow her to move from their home into his.  Amisha had told me that in her culture, the highest honor a family has is giving their daughter away in marriage, and it was definitely evident this day.  What also struck me deeply was something Amisha’s mother said during an interview with the videographers, Serendipity.  When they asked her what this day meant to her, she said, and I paraphrase from memory, that this is the day she finally gets her son.  That her foundation was now complete, she had her daughters, which were her four walls, but now her floors were complete with the addition of her new son.  This is so touching to me, because she sees Adam as not only a husband to her daughter, but as an integral and necessary part to the stability and shape of her home and family.  We don’t always hear of families looking at their in-laws this way, and to hear it really spoke to me about the type of family Amisha came from and solidified my opinion of the type of woman she truly is.  I spent so much time with this family over the course of the week, I began to feel like part of the family and and truly honored to have been part of your celebration and life, if even for a short while.  For now, enjoy the previews from the Indian Ceremony, but come back for more.. the final day awaits!!

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chitra - great pictures and thank you for your support to my sisters family. Your team was wonderful.
Ursula Lotwala - Amazing!! Thank you again Justine for all of your hard work. These pictures are perfection. Can't wait to see the rest!
Chandrika - Justine: Thanks for your comments and the explanation of our deeper roots. You all were so wonderful. I do also feel as though you are a part of our family . You all must come to dinner one night at our home. I want to cook and spend time with all of you.
Velika - Aw, Justine! That was so sweet! Made me cry all over again. Beautiful photos. Can't wait for more! You are truly gifted.