Another long overdue wedding post.  I usually am on top of the blog, but having been out of town for a week or so, things got a little behind.  I hope Lori and Matt will forgive me :)  You probably recognise these two from their previous sessions.  They are another one of my fabulous bride and grooms who love to have their photo taken.  These two are absolutely the best together.  I know I say that a lot, and I always mean it.  I just have so many couples who I believe are good fits.  Now, maybe they are always on their best behavior, but after spending countless hours with these two, i can say that they treat each other so well.. they respect each other, and are just the best of friends.  Lori is able to be her true self, and Matt love who she really is, and it shows so much when they are together.  Can’t wait to continue working with you guys!  Enjoy :)  More on facebook for you and your friends 😉

Lori Juscius - Thanks so much Justine. We love the photos. You do such a fabulous job, as usual!!!