What a beautiful wedding it was!  Amy and Cassidy are some of my favorite people.  So FUNNY, sweet, honest and in love.  It is just amazing to see them together.. these two know how to keep the passion in their relationship, and it shows with every glance they take of each other.  I had the opportunity to photograph their wedding at the red Rock Crossing in Sedona this past weekend.  It was a perfect day, weather was in the low 80’s IN JUNE PEOPLE!!, location was gorgeous and everyone was just in the best mood.  Special thanks to the awesome vendors I got to work with.. they were all SOOOO friendly and great to work with:

Planner: Susan and Brenda from Weddings in Sedona

Caterer: Agave of Sedona

Makeup: Deanna Rene

and photobooth: Shutterbox Photobooth

On to the previews!  ENJOY!!!! :) And Amy… you have to tell me how Cassidy liked his gift 😉  Also Click here for more :) there were just too many to put on here !!

Hannalee Photography - Wow, amazing stuff. So crisp and bright. Beautiful!