Taruna is just one of the most beautiful brides ever, Shant is a lucky lucky man.  And the fact that the two share and affinity for nice shoes, just is icing on the cake!   The two invited me to be a part of their 3 day celebration and I was just thrilled to do so.  One of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer, is being witness to all the different traditions that weddings bring.  It is like I get to travel the world and be a part of all these cultures, without having to spend 18 hours on a plane.  I love it!  Taruna and Shant were married in a Sikh Fusion wedding.  The colors were just so vibrant, the traditions exciting, fun, joyful and touching.   Taruna,  thank you for being a wonderfully patient bride with me, teaching me about your culture, answering my silly questions, and just making me feel so welcome on your day.  Shant, you are a man who is hard to figure out.  I wasn’t sure what I would find behind that tough exterior, but I discovered what a funny, intelligent and deeply caring man you are.  You both are a wonderful addition to this world and I wish you all the best in your life together.

dolly shewa - We have designed all of Taruna's wedding outfits and would like to add her pictures on our website. Could you please send us some pictures and we will give you due credit for them as well. Thanks. Dolly Shewa
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