So I don’t want to promise anyone anything, but I seem to be lucky when it comes to rain.  I have had torrential downpours the moment the bride and groom kiss, I have had gloomy dark days up until the ceremony, but I have never had a wedding rained out.  Angel said I am some sort of good luck, and i can’t promise anything, but it is a good selling point 😉  Angel and Tim’s wedding was no exception to this luck.  the day was dark and rainy, but just as they were to walk down the aisle, the sun came out and we ad about an hour and a half of sunshine, before it rained again.  but we had just enough time to have a gorgeous wedding ceremony and get all the photos taken.  LUCKY!  Congratulations you two, and thank you again for having me on your day.




Angel Fuchs - We were thrilled to have you! And thank you for bringing your "luck." - Tim & Angel Fuchs
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