Lindsay and Ben were married this past week at the Ashley Manor.  we didn’t realize when they hired me, but Lindsay and I have ties that go way back!  My sister and her were both in the same gymnastics studio when they were little, and I used to be Lindsay’s ballet teacher( WAY back in the day!)  Sure is a small world!


Steve Glaza - Wish we could have made it to your wedding. I saw the pictures and they were amazing. You both look amazing together.
Linda Parker - We love you guys so much. Have a wonderful life together.
Randy Bustillos - Pictures were good. Wish we could have made it.
Terri Bustillos - You guys make a beautiful couple!
Ashton Bustillos - Woop Woop!!!! Love you guys
Aaron Bustillos - Awesome!! Pictures look amazing!
Josh - I love you guys. Your wedding was awesome and so are your pictures.
Aaron Bustillos - DEAD SEXY!!! You pics look amazing!!
Bryan Smith - You guys are amazing together. I wish you guys happiness. The pictures are amazing you both look gorgeous.
Luke Parker - I wish i could have been there. The pictures look amazing. Justine did an amazing job!!
Bryan Parker - Beautiful bride. Both of you look good together. Justine you did an awesome job on there pictures!