Jessica and Israel were sealed in the San Diego Temple this past Saturday and followed up with a beautiful sunset dinner at the FAB tower 23 in San Diego.  The two are from Las Vegas, but Jessica has always dreamed about getting sealed in the San Diego Temple, in fact it is where Israel proposed to her.  I met the two while I was photographing Krista and Davids wedding back in August and we hit it off so well, the wanted me to come back and shoot their event!  I had a blast with you guys in the ocean and hope that your photos are everything you jom_6753-5jom_6681-4jom_6558-3jom_6532-2jom_5906-1have ever dremed of :)

Israel wedding photographer - Loves this photos !!! Makes me want to leave everything and move to San Diego
jodie & Gil - wow these pictures are amazing. You two look beautiful together, we are so happy for both of you and very sorry we missed this special day. We can't wait to see the rest of them.
BV All Events - I love your beach shots absolutely beautiful
Jessica - Those are awesome pics! Can't wait to see the rest! Jessica
Wedding Israel - Beautiful! I Love beach wedding photos.