So now that wedding season has ended for me, Martha and Dustin get the official badge of hottest wedding of the season.  I think it reached 109 degrees on their wedding day.  And it was by FAR the hottest day I worked this season by about 10 degrees!  I had quite a fun time dodging trouble during the ceremony, the rules were strict, and It was tough, but I went incognito and snuck some photos when I wasn’t supposed to.. I know.. I;m such a rebel, lol!  Not really.  Usually I am super respectful of the church’s rules, but sometimes, when they are too strict, I have to break them in order to get the client what they want.  The country club was gorgeous, nice large room so no one was bumping into each other, or feeling crammed in.  Dustin and Martha even surprised everyone with a live band AND a DJ.. it was fun!  Enjoy the previews ou guys.  and Congratulations again!