So, my trip down to Selena and BJ’s wedding was one that will be remembered for a very long time.  As you know, the I-10 down to Tucson is an unpredictable road, especially when there is a dust storm and or high winds.. which is exactly what happened Sunday the 2nd.  A high wind advisory was in effect for the evening, so my second shooter Jeanette and I headed out early to make the trip a little early, just in case.. and I am so happy we did.  There was a massive accident which closed down the freeway for nearly 10 miles, however, by some creepy reason, Jeanette and I were escorted off the freeway just in time to miss the mass line that had formed, people were standing on the freeway, obviously not going anywhere for a while.  However, we zipped by and actually had little problem.  I can’t imagine if we had been just 5 minutes earlier, we surely would have missed the wedding.  when we looked on the news, the freeway had been closed for 5 hours due to a fatality and all those poor people were stranded forever.  So surely, something was watching over Selena, BJ, Jeanette and I, to help bring us to them on time!  When we got there, it was windy and sprinkling, but the bride and groom were in such good spirits.  These two just exude a good feeling, happiness and calmness flows from them and you can’t help sense what wonderful people they are.  We had an awesome time playing with the location and coming up with, in my opinion, some pretty rockin photos !!  The groom was especially candid with his emotions, which lead to some great shots.  When his best man read a letter from his brother who had been deployed, I think everyone lost it.  I was so honored to have been witness to the emotion and now you all can check it out!! :)

Gayle - I have been searching for good reviews on The Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch....I must say there are not many out there. What was the date of this wedding (GORGEOUS photography, by the way). Do you recommend it?? Thanks!
Donna - Can't wait to see the rest!
Stephanie Ortega - You must have a good guardian angel! The second photo with the sunburst is awesome!
Katherine - These are gorgeous! They will be so so thrilled with these! Great job!
Linda - How fun these are! Great job! Love the colors and the emotion!
Susie L - All I can say is WOW! These images are stunning - love your clarity and the locations are to die for. Each picture is unique and I love that! Fantastic job!