Terry and Cindy live in Pennsylvania, but are avid golfers, and thus, spend time here in Arizona frequently.  One of their favorite places to golf is The Boulders in Cave Creek Arizona.  I must agree, the landscaping is breathtaking!  The natural formations there are just fabulous!  Cindy was such and emotional bride, it was hard to fight back my own tears. I appreciate it when people wear their emotions openly.  It makes for some great connections and photographs.  I had a great time with the both of you.  Terry, your jokester side always makes us laugh and Cindy, you have a heart as big as the moon!  I loved being a part of your special day, Thank You!

Cindy Bachman - Justine...These few photos were INCREDIBLE!...We cannot wait for the REST of them! I have looked at these over and over and each time I catch a different nuance in the pictures! YOU are so talented! Thank you for capturing our day and making those few hours last forever!...and, I can't wait to see the "special" photos you took for Terry's gift! THANK YOU!!!!!!
Julie Lyons - What a Beautiful Couple, What Beautiful Pictures.....
Your Name - Beautiful as always! I love the shot with the sun's rays shining through the couple as they look at the sunset