a HUGE congratulations to Brenda and TY on their marriage last night at The Boojum Tree Hidden Garden.  I love this venue, so much to photograph!  Brenda and Ty are some of the most laid back people ever, I loved working with them.  I hope you have a fabulous Honeymoon and don’t be strangers :) Check out Facebook for more of their photos :)

Brenda Reed - Thanks! ... It was just Justine's precision. She had a way of making me feel comfortable enough in front of the camera. It's her work of art. I still thank God everyday that we were blessed with a fabulous photographer! .... When I look in the mirror, I never see the same person in the photographs that she took of me. Maybe it was the dress? ... LOL. But really, I have never been more pleased with any other photographs of myself. She met every expectation I could of ever asked for!
Terri - Amazing Picture going thru the gate. WOW you are so beautiful
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