Now let me tell you, the last wedding of the season, was one to remember.  Christina and John made sure to end things with a Bang!  Being photographers themselves, I felt a little pressure, I am not gonna lie.  You always want to perform your best, but when your client is a photographer, there is extra pressure.  Christina must have known that and wanted to break the ice for me.  She must have thought starting the wedding ceremony an hour and a half late would do the job, lol.  While most weddings never start on time, they are usually off by 10-15 minutes.  This was a record breaker by a long shot.  It all worked out fine in  he end though, Christina got to marry her knight in shinning armor with her queen by her side 😉

Now because we started the evening late, I literally had, oh negative 10 minutes to put together some formal shots for the two of them, and I am not joking.  The stress was tremendous, but we managed to grab a few minutes of time out in the courtyard at Villa Sienna before they made their grand entrance.  Once in the ballroom, the details were so well executed.  It was a simple elegance, a classy trip back in time to the moves.  The bow tie tuxedos, the 1940’s music, dark rich wood walls and crystal chandeliers were all amazing additions to the atmosphere, but it was the small details I loved.  The escort cards were movie tickets that Christina and John had designed.  Each ticket listed a movie with a table number, and that table correspond to the movie the guest was admitted to.  Their guest book was loose postcards, designed with black and white stills form old classic moves.  They were super cute and totally unique. The funniest part of the night, to me anyways, was then John gave a story about Chistina’s friend whose cultural tradition is to offer livestock for the daughters hand in marriage.  John then stated, he decided that Christina is worth one goat, and proceeded to have the chef present Christina’s father with a cake topped with, one goat!.. haha

Well enough of my babbling, onto the photos.  Thank you again for having me be a part of your wedding day!  It was one I will never forget :)