Meet Gregg & Meet Jill.

Meet Gregg and Jill together!!

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”

What a sweet, romantic wedding this was! Justine was raving about the couple and how much in love they were! This wedding happened at the Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain Resortin Tuscon Arizona. It was a┬ácaptivating ceremony that held everyone’s attention. The love that these two have is irresistible to everyone that surrounds them!

The backdrop was perfect here at the Ritz. It was natural like the love that seeped from these two. The sunset added that extra touch of romanticism as well as the music that the bride and groom chose. The Native American flute music that played like a dream in the back ground was so relaxing and soothing!

Can he do it?? Be careful!!

wine toast, az wedding ritz carlton

A cute toast to the happy couple! We are so thrilled for you guys!

These adorable cupcakes were {almost} too cute to eat! We loved the little bow around the cupcake!

The centerpieces were simple, but beautiful, purple flower arrangements! They look stunning with the table and the colors of the roses and flowers were AMAZING! So soft and beautiful!

Talk about gorgeous! Can you imagine getting to say your vowels to this background! Love this serene backdrop!

Cheers to the bride and groom!

We end this by saying Congratulations again to Jill and Gregg. Justine was honored to be a part of such a perfect wedding day for you too and here’s to many years to come!!