So you read about, mostly  in romance novels, the type of love that you just cant keep your hands off each other.  Where rainbows beam out your eyes when your partner touches you, and bluebirds are always singing outside your window!  I had the chance of witnessing, first hand last night, that this type of love really does exist.  Where men carry around our over sized and over stuffed Gold Marc Jocobs bags and don’t complain, and kiss their wives passionately and mean it.  Heather and Max, you are adorable!  I had so much fun with you guys last night, and I am so happy just thinking of photographing your wedding.  A beautiful couple on the inside and out who found each other and are madly in love.. there is nothing more this life can offer than the companionship of a true soul  mate.. you are lucky my friends.  See you soon!  Oh and Max took the one of me pretending to be a munchkin 😉

Heather - We can not thank you enough Justine! That was so much fun! Thank you for being such an amazing photographer, making us laugh, and letting us make-out all over the Botanical Gardens. Looking forward to seeing you at the wedding. :) Heather