So Tara and Chris are friends of my ours.  We met Chris about 5 years ago when he joined our weekly and sometimes nightly poker games.  A few years later, he introduced us to a coworker he began dating , Tara. She would come along to the games, and occasionally she would play, but mostly she would bring her favorite book, and curl up on the couch and read while Chris played.  Tara has always been just the sweetest person and the two of them together are just so much fun.  Always laughing with and at each other, it is never a dull moment.  Tara is a HUGE friends fan and Chris’ proposal was awesome.. in my humble opinion.  He got access to take Tara to the fountain where the opening credits in the sitcom Friends was filmed.. while there he got on one knee and proposed to Tara.. how sweet is that??  I had so much fun at your wedding.. thank you both for asking me to be a part of it!  Congratulations again.

Nancy Budka - Tara's mom
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