As parents, we sacrifice.  We sacrifice our time, our money, our bodies,  our sleep, and sometimes our sanity for our children.  The sacrifices we make as parents are all to give our children the bright future that we all so much desire them to have.  Some parents’ sacrifice goes beyond, such as baby Kingston’s parents sacrifice.  His father is stationed in Afghanistan right now, and although he was able to come home for a few short days to see his baby be born and hold him, he had to return to duty just a few short days after his son was born.  He and his wife’s sacrifice far surpass anything I could sacrifice as a parent.  Their strength is beyond my comprehension, and their gift to their child is also the greatest gift to my children.  Because of Mommy’s and Daddy’s like Kingston’s, my children have freedom.  Freedom to dream, big or small. Freedom to sing, quiet or loud.  Freedom to be whoever or whatever they wish.  Freedom to believe in whoever or whatever they choose.  The time that will go by while his daddy is away, is a sacrifice of time that may never be gained back.  He may not hear his child’s first word, see him roll over for the first time, crawl, walk, and the list may go on.  But he will see his child prosper.  He will see his child in a world with endless possibilities with endless potential.  As parents, that is the ultimate dream for our children. A dream that can come true, because of daddy’s like you.  Thank you Jordan and every man and woman who gives our children the gift of endless possibilities.

Kimberly - LOve the pictures, you did a beautiful job as usual!
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