Venue: Sedona Heartline Cafe

Dress: Priscilla Of Boston

Officiant: Matgarett Van Dammne

Congratulations to the beautiful bride and groom, Teaunee and Fran. Teaunee and Justine have been friends since 4th grade!! Justine was so thrilled to be chosen to take these pictures!
The ceremony was a small beautiful one in Sedona, at the Heartline Cafe! The dog, Savannah, was the Ring bearer! And what a PERFECT ring bearer she was too! She was in most if not all of the family pictures, and did NOT move the whole time! She was too cute!

The details:

What a beautiful, timeless, ring Teaunee has! The picture really captures the beauty of this ring!

Look at these shoes! We love the bling and LOOK at the height on them! Not sure how the bride did this on her feet all day but she pulled it off seamlessly!

priscilla of boston, wedding dress, off white

This stunning designer dress was an ivory color, halter with a lace overlay. Striking on the bride!

The bouquet did not take away from the dress, it added! We loved the matching flower in hair!

The grooms matching ivory tux was handsome! What a looker 😉

When first joining hands at the altar, Justine snapped this perfect photo to really capture the joy and excitement in the eyes of the groom!

This touching part of the ceremony was when the bride and groom released butterflies in remembrance of Teaunee’s late mother, who passed shortly before the wedding. There was not a dry eye there. We are so sorry that this happened but what a beautiful way to celebrate her!

Congrats again guys! We are so happy for you!

Tea’s Father - What a beautiful couple made the job easy for the photographer. And of course Justine you are very talented. Thank you May you have many years of happiness together. Love you both
Hank - WOW! You guys look incredible. You look as amazing as the setting. Congratulations and cheers to a long and happy life together.
jA - ***MEANT TO BE!!!... couldn't, wouldn't say any different. This truly was all those things a wedding is... meant to be... ! I think the pictures do a fine job of capturing such an event... Bravo Justine**** Thanks for the memories, Tea&Fran<3
Fran’s Dad - The new Mr & Mrs. Fran D'Antonio - what beautiful photos, almost a good as the real event. You both look teriffic and we wish you a long and happy life and may God bless your life together.
justineo - Tea, I was so happy to be able to witness your and Fran's big day and to get to know your family better. It was a beautiful day!
Tennille Duran - So beautiful! Many loving thoughts and wishes to my cousin and her husband..We love you and wish you a beautiful life's journey.. the pictures are amazing! thank you for sharing..
Miss Tea - Justine, You're simply amazing. The fact that you knew my mom and we have known each other for so long really meant a lot. As you saw, our wedding was very small so you were just as much a guest as the photographer. We are so excited to see more photos!
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