Many couples ponder whether or not they should have an engagement session.  “Should we do it?  Is it really worth it?”  comes to mind.  Often couples ask whether they may be able to swap out the engagement session for additional items in their wedding photography package, or eliminate the session all together in order to save money.  In my opinion, every couple should have an engagement session.  No matter what.  Most definitely.  Not a question in my mind.  Positive.  And your question is, “why?”  Well, for me, I just happen to be totally utterly obsessed with pictures.  Pictures of anything capturing pure love, the organic, raw, glowing bliss of being engaged…being in LOVE.  It’s just so romantic and precious.  And I have a huge crush on it.  When you get to visually look at these photos and feel the romance tucked into every corner, you’ll know exactly why I insisted.  Not only are the pictures absolutely fabulous and beyond gorgeous to have forever and ever, but they can also be used on your special day as decor!  It is a great way to show off all of your engagement photos, your guests will be feasting their eyes on all the stunning images.  Frame them and place them on your tables with your centerpiece, scatter them on your delectable desert table, or place them at your candy bar, wherever you decide, they’ll be bringing all sorts of lovely.   And when everyone is ahhing on all those pretty little numbers, you’ll be feeling great and thankful you did it all over again. 

It’s also good for you and your photographer to get a feel for eachother, get to know eachother, and for you to get comfortable in front of the camera.  The love, the romance, the uniqueness of who you two are when you are together, its what your engagement session is all about.  Its about the two of you, your story, your life journey which brought you to this point together.  This session is so important for the photographer to get to see you interact together, to see how he holds you tight like nothing in this world can take you from his arms.  Pretend no one is around, like you just kissed while no one is looking….

~ Choose a location that is personal to you both.  Maybe where you had your first date, where you met or where you got engaged.  It could be a favorite place you like to go togther, even if its to Sprinkles Cupcakes to indulge in a red velvet.

~Schedule your hair and makeup trial run on the day of the session.  This way, you can look extra fabulous, test out your hair and makeup, and see how it photographs.

~Coordinate your outfits.  Choose complimenting colors for your skin, be you, and feel free to be fun with your footwear.  Even you men!

Until next time…