OK guys, you know I don’t ever write anything outside of my photography here, but I just had to say this.  Last nights Idol was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen!  I don’t know which was worse, an overly spray tanned Iggy Pop dancing like a lunatic and singing like a cat in heat on stage, or one of the most talented and gorgeous Idols to have ever graced the stage being kicked off.  I thought about it all night, and while it is a hard decision, Pia’s exit was the #1 most disturbing thing that has ever happened on that show to date. 

Many people will say that the fans are to blame, the voting is in their hands.  Yes it is, but we have to examine who’s hands we are placing this huge task of fining the next American royalty in.. a bunch of 13 year old Bieber crazed girls?  Perhaps all those men Steven Tyler spoke of, should have picked up the phone and voted instead of ordering another round while thinking of Pia.  Maybe then she wold be here.  I think there are a combination of factors that led to the jaw dropping, WTF moment last night. 

The first is this, Pia was so good, that people assumed she was safe.  They voted for those the likes who they felt were in danger and left Pia standing alone.  I mean, there is not one site out there that does not have her pegged as at least a top 3 contestant if not the winner.  The second I think falls on the judges. Stefano’s performance last night was 10000 leagues under the sea compared to Toscano’s performance, and while he was the next to exit, he still beat her out.  Yet, the judges gave more critique to Pia than to Stefano.  I think the judged need to get real here, they are providing insight to a million teenagers who can’t see past a baby smooth face, to hear the talent.  Pia’s voice is up there with giants like Celine Dion, yet the judges do not do a good enough job at separating the good talent form the unbelievable talent.  If you listed to all the comments form the judges last night, you would think that all the performances were on the same playing field, and they clearly were not.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the toughest season’s yet.  I think the talent this year, with minor exceptions, is far and above the rest of the seasons.  It would not have been a shock to see Pia go say number 3 or 2, but to leave at number 9 was disappointing.  However names like Jennifer Hudson, Daughtry, and others resonate in my head.. the end of the road is near for some, but not for her.  She will be huge, and when all is said and done I believe she will be the one on top.  VOTE people.. for the talent :)

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