WOW!!!  This was unbelievably close!  So close I am going to have to go back and count through all the votes for duplicates.  But the UN-official winners are Akshai and Liz with 113 posts to Lindsay and Ben with 111 posts.  Once I read through each post this afternoon and discard the duplicates, I will post the official results.  Thanks to all who played!!! :)   Your final #’s are below

Here you go, just in time for the holidays. Get your family, your friends, your neighbors, anyone you know, to post a comment on your blog post. On October, 31st  at midnight the blog post who received the most comments between October 1 and October 31st will receive a free 11×14 canvas print 😉 The blog posts must be from different authors. That’s it.. Spread the word, anyone is eligible, no matter how old your post is :)


LAST DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Contest ends at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT !!  BOOOOOO  Happy Halloweeeeeeennn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those entering comments must enter their e-mail, this is only to authenticate the author of each comment is different and will not be used for any mailing or spamming purposes.

Quick update  Top contestants so far:


Akshai and Liz_ 113



Lori_ 76

Corissa _62

Kenzie_ 50




Ashley _4


Domonique_ 2




plenty of time left :)

justineo - Winner coming soon!!!
Neepa Patel - Akshai-Liz---Great snaps! I'll try my best to make you win!
Neepa Patel - Great snaps! Hope you win!
KV - Love all the pictures you have taken of my family, from the weddings to just family pictures. Thanks KV
Aimee - me too... haha. Can't keep up!
Lori - Runnin' out of friends!
Corissa Smith - these girls are turbo! this is a fun game Justine! LOL :)
Lindsay - Dang it! I can't keep up with Lori!
justineo - If yur session has multiple subjects/families, only one canvas will be awarded... who gets it is up to the family. My suggestion if it cant be decided would be to give it to mom as a gift :)
justineo - You gals are bringing it! I may have to add a second and third place prize, lol :)
Lindsay - woop woop! I am first!
justineo - Yes, you can use your family post :)
Corissa Smith - I want to win! Can I use the family picture post??
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