With all things come change, and business is no exception.  Over the past few years I have contemplated where I wanted to take JMP in the future.  As many of you know, my focus has been in the past, mainly wedding based.  However, as my children grow and become more and more active and involved with school, I realize that what I want MOST is to be there for them.  I don’t want to miss games, plays, music performances. I want to be a present parent.  And so with much much thought and consideration, and some shifting in the past year, we have decided to limit our wedding clients.  Now this doesn’t mean that we will not shoot your wedding..don’t worry.  What this means is this, we are limiting our wedding clients to 12 weddings per year.  No more. So instead of having to spend 35 weekends away from my children, now they only have to miss me 12 weekend nights :) If you are interested in booking a wedding for 2012, please contact us ASAP..we are already at 9 weddings and I am sure the last 3 will be booked in no time. 


Some other changes coming too!  We are going to be focusing more on shooting family sessions and  shooting in our home studio with newborns, so watch for a new website to roll out in the new year.  Also a referral program is in the works to reward all our fabulous clients who continually refer us to their friends and family, so STAY TUNED :)

diana elizabeth - hi justine! i am friends with nicole & tonia (and ashley gain) and so i occasionally stop by to see what goodness you are up to - i love your babies and family portraits, you definitely have a gift! i am doing the same yet opposite as you - taking on more weddings and doing less babies and families so i will be happy to refer my inquiries your way as i know they will be taken care of! happy 2012!
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