Attention all bridal fashionistas!  Did you just get hitched?  You’re about to graduate from Ms. to Mrs!  I bet you’re wondering where to begin.  Is your mind racing about what the latest and greatest trends are?  Look no more, because here, we are going to guide you in the right direction, give you some super simple, but helpful hints, and send you to the most fabulous ladies to find that perfect dress!

It’s a day we’ve dreamt of since childhood, a day we wake up feeling like we are on top of the world.  I remember it so vividly.  I’ll always be a bride at heart.  I still OBSESS over the flowers, the gowns, and the lacy garters.  For you fortunate ladies who still have yet to say, ” I do”,  I highly recommend Uptown Bridal and Boutique.  Uptown Bridal is located in the trendy and chic, Historic downtown Chandler, AZ.  They have everything from simple sheaths to voluminous tulle ball gowns…from the glitz to the glamour, they’ve got it all.  And for the bride in her blissful couture, with her elegant bling, she’s sure to shine. 

2011 is the year of elegance and simplicity with a little twist, overflowing with romance, and super sexy, chic high fashion.  (  I personally have a “thing” for Enzoani, and it’s exclusive at Uptown, which I love! )  Have you flipped through a wedding magazine lately?  If so, I’m sure you have noticed that embellished belts of all sorts will be cinching the waists of many gowns this year.  It is in fact, the new trend for wedding dresses.  You’re looking for something sophisticated, red carpet style, high fashion?  You want to be the fashion glam, showstopper, breath taking centerpiece….and you’re looking for fabulous on a budget– “The lifestyle manifesto for living la dolce vita, on a dime,” whatever your desires may be, let Uptown make them a reality.  Jeweled belts are a way to express “you.”  It can drastically change the look and add “wow” to a simple gown, or take a glamorous dress to another level.  You can place it at the natural waist to accentuate the waistline, or some prefer to wear it as an empire waist.  Make it custom, pick a belt that defines you, and give your dress your personality…add a little sophisticated flare.  Not only is the look fab, it’s a way that you can turn you wedding gown into your reception dress without a wardrobe change.  And it’s a way you can celebrate your special day again, long after your wedding day.  Wear your belt with your sexy anniversary dress, or wear it to a fab gathering of some sort.  We all know that the blissful couture we wear on our day is never worn again, unless its for ” Trash the Dress” memories afterwards, and in that case, call us!  😉

Happy Planning!