Choosing the Gown That Makes You Glow

One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is the infamous dress shopping. Stepping foot into a gown can instantly make you feel like the beautiful bride that you are. Whether you have a detailed idea of what you want, or lack a vision for the ensemble, there are several tips to help you locate the perfect dress…

*Bridal Magazines-The first step to take before venturing into a wedding dress boutique is to do your homework. Bridal magazines are your best source for initial inspiration. Grab your scissors and cut out anything that makes you swoon with delight. Keep the pictures in your wedding planner, and discuss them with friends.

*An Open mind-You never know what gown will fit perfectly if you don’t try on many different types. Strapless, halter-cut, spaghetti straps, cap-sleeves… they are all adorable styles, but which is the most flattering on you? Take the time to figure it out, and you’ll be thankful you did.

*Sales Lady Expertise- They are the professionals, so ask them a million questions to help you decide. What styles are the most popular for a fall wedding? Do you recommend strapless dresses for bustier women? Do you recommend a built-in bra for the dress, or does it really make a difference?

*Price- For some brides, the gown is the top priority, and others not So much.  Make sure to set your overall budget before buying your dress and allot a percentage 5-10% of your overall budget is the MOST you should spend on your dress.  keep in mind that should also include your veil, hair pieces, undergarments and shoes.  Check out the ladies at for a wide variety of styles and prices.

*Look way ahead of time- Besides locating your wedding venue and setting the date… dress shopping should hit the top priority list right away. It may take you quite some time to find the perfect dress, and even if it doesn’t you’re still going to need plenty of time for alterations to work their magic.

*Comfort level- Can you sit? Umm… duh. This may seem to be a no-brainer, but many brides overlook the comfort factor.  The appearance of the dress can completely block out the concern about having to actually sit in it at the reception. Even if dinner isn’t very long, you WILL have to sit.

*Bring friends whose opinions you trust-This is a key factor in getting the perfect second opinion. Make sure you value their fashion advice, as well as feel confident in their honesty.

*Camera-You may feel silly about having a friend take snap-shots of you in the bridal boutique, but I guarantee that you’re not the first paparazzi to enter the store. My aunt took a photo of me in every dress, and we were able to contemplate them at home.

*Don’t walk out with the dress at first-Even if your dress of choice screams ‘BUY ME!’ in the most convincing way, do not walk out the door with it in hand. It’s a big purchase, so my advice is to leave it at the store. If you can’t stop thinking about the gown, it’s meant to be. Go back and buy that bridal masterpiece.

I hope you find these tips helpful… the best of luck to you my darlings!

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