This evening I went out with Jessica to Copperwynd to get some photos for her Senior graduation announcements.  She is adorable and so fun and easy to photograph, my little Cameron Diaz!  Seriously, how do I get so lucky and have the most beautiful people to photograph?  I hope you enjoy your shots and had a great time with me on your shoot!



John Argueta - Great job Justine. Came across these off a Google Senior search. Really nice images! JA
kp - The close-ups are amazing. You made it seem as if she is standing right in front of me. Beautiful pictures.
jodi - Hey, just found your blog through Mandy's blog and I see you're in az too :) Gorgeous shots here. Love the one with the trees in the background.
Angela Crutcher - wow! She is gorgeous! I love all the virety you've got here and her eyes are stunning!
Megan - Can I have her hair? Gorgeous work.
Corissa Smith - I love her lashes, smile and everything else! She's a cutie! I love the location too!!! :) GREAT job!!
Carley Mac - wow! she is absolutely stunning! the closeups of her face are to die for!
shey - What a gorgeous girl - your use of light is beautiful here! Stunning work.
Mandy - What a GORGEOUS GIRL! Holy moly. I love them all, but your silhouette is truly amazing. PHEW.