I met up with Collete and her adorable family last weekend at the Scottsdale Civic Center for some fun family shots.  When there is a 2 year old involved, let me say this.. there is no dictating the shots, they do it for you 😉 Just roll with the punches 😉 Lilah ( sorry if i misspelled) was one adorable, headstrong, little girl, whom I had a blast photographing.  Her cheesy smiles, soft snuggles, bright blue eyes and red nose were just all too much for me, she melted my heart.  Two is probably my favorite age to photograph if you can believe that.  Although babies are close up  there.. there is something about the purity of the images that you get from a 2 year old that I just adore.  Its this magical age that they can be just who they are.  They are not pretending, they are not fake, they are pure, real and absolutely amazing.  If you allow them to be just that.. you can never go wrong with amazing photographs that the family can cherish forever. So for those who are dreading the family photos with your two year old.. don’t!  They wont be just as you imagined.. your child will run the show.. they wont sit in one place and smile on que.. but it may just be the very last time you get to capture the pure essence of who they are.  For all too soon, they will give you fake cheesy smiles, they will be afraid to dance in public, they wont let you twirl them around and crash to the ground…. It goes by too fast…  Thank you Collette for choosing me to capture one of my absolute favorite ages and I hope to see you all again!