Desiree and her family met me last weekend out in Glendale for some fun family portraits for the upcoming holiday season and their little man turning 2!  The photo shoot was a ton of fun.  2 year old’s, believe it or not, are one of my absolute favorite ages to photograph.  I love how they are just real. Their personalities shine through and while yes, they hardly ever sit still and cooperate, it is one of your last chances to get a “real ” photo of their true personalities.  Little M was just one stubborn little boy, although it probably didn’t help that we began the shoot with a fall and bump to the head.  He was infatuated with all the oranges on the ground or “balls” as he called them and insisted that his ball become the 4th family member in nearly 90% of the photos.  I hope you have a good name picked out for your newest member!  thanks again for sharing your morning with me and allowing me to be a part of capturing your lives!

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