I say it a lot, that I love my job, but some days I do love it more than others.  Melissa and Victor were one of those couples that made me really love my job.  They just  ” got ” me and it made it so easy to work with them.  For those of you who have worked with me, you know I love having fun and making my clients laugh.  I will dance, tell silly jokes and just do about anything to keep you smiling the entire time we are shooting.  In fact.. many people leave with sore faces and ribs from laughing so much.. That is how our photo shoot was with Melissa and Victor.  Even these self proclaimed, un-photogenic, awkward in front of the camera clients ( which they were NOT)  turned into be such a FUN couple to work with :) I can’t wait to laugh and cry with you at your wedding!

Emma Beyer - aw so pretty :)
Philip Hawkins - Great photos. Really like the shot with the sun coming over their shoulders!
Gina McKinley - Fabulous Pictures - You two look so happy!! I just love the first picture and I'm the prejudiced family friend :)
Alex Charfen - Melissa you two look awesome and so happy. He is one lucky dude, you are extraordinary.
Melissa Yost - We had a GREAT time with you Justine - you really made us feel comfortable and both of us HATE being in pictures. Thank you SO much for the fantastic job you did!!
Sue Ellen - and I am kinda the other mother of Melissa. You did an incredible job of capturing Mel and V. They love. You can see it in every photo. Great job...
Debbie Yost - GREAT photos! Incredible couple....of course, I might be a bit prejudiced because I'm the mother of the bride! :-) You caught them as they are Justine....in love with each other, casual, real, no pretense. It's going to be an amazing wedding and I'm thrilled they chose you as their photographer!