Preeti and Prateek are to be wed, in what promises to be an amazing event this September.  One of my favorite aspects of my job is being exposed to so many different cultures, traditions, foods, viewpoints, etc.. I love that I get to learn about so many different ways of life and I am honored that Preeti and Prateek chose me to photograph their Sikh wedding celebration.  I met with The couple this weekend at the Temple they will be married in to go over some general housekeeping and then we head off to the fabulous Monte Lucia and finished up on Camelback Mountain.  We were all concerned it would rain, and it did throughout the valley, but we were spared and aside from the mild humidity, we had great weather for the shoot.  I couldn’t ask for better, especially in August in Arizona :)  Thanks again Prateek and Preeti, can’t wait for the big day(s) !!!