Teaunee and I go way back, I think way back to 4th grade was it?  We were both involved int he Cheer and Pom dance lines at our high school.  When I ran into her at our high school reunion, it was so great to see her so happy, standing next to Fran.  I knew he had to be a great guy cause Tea looked so happy with him.  After spending an afternoon hiking in high heals, getting stabbed by cacti, loosing flip flops and being spooked by the creepy animal sounds coming from nearby, I can say that Fran is one awesome guy.  I can see how much he cares for and loves Tea.  Congratulations you guys and THANK YOU for asking me to be a part of this special day in your lives.  Join Us on Facebook to see more 😉

Leroy M Duran - Both look very happy
Dad - Looking good, great outdoor photos.
jA - Yes, she looks like a cheerleader :D Awesome pics-how exciting...lovely RING!!!