Tenile, Jeff and I just couldn’t stop laughing at tonight’s anniversary Session at The Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens. Tenile and Jeff are from New Mexico and have been married 6 years, but Tenile thought it would be fun to get some photographs of the two of them while they were out here visiting.  Jeff, as most husbands and fiance’s do, obliged her and was ” challenged”  in the posing area, however, he caught on rather quickly :)  Their endless smiles in their photos are adorable and I appreciated them laughing at all my lame-o jokes and awkward posing while shooting.  Those who have shot with me can attest that I get into some weird poses while trying to get the shot.. most are very uncomfortable, but anything for my clients :)  Onward to the sneak peaks!!!!

Lisa Kryschuk - Oh Justine, I so love seeing your work, those are wonderful! Love them all!
Megan Parker - These are great. Looks like an awesome location!
Tori Piercy - What a gorgeous couple! I just love these and these locations are great!
Lisa Holloway - Gorgeous couple...wow...your locations are seriously to die for! I *love* #3...well, I love them all, but that one is just pure magic!
julie - You do such great work. Love all of them!
Jane Photo - You had a bunch of superb locations! Great couple, and I wish them a great future.
Shanna - Awww what a sweet couple. These are so good!