The story is funny, now that I look back on it, but man were we ticked off last night!  Let me rewind a tad and go to the beginning.  Drew is an old friend from high school, and I met his fiance Gina at our 10 year high school reunion… don’t try to figure my age.. I will never admit it.  Gina and I hit it off immediately and when she asked me to photograph their wedding I was so excited.  Gina is into photography herself, and I see so many of the same traits I had when I began in Gina.  I knew I wanted to help her grow as much as my schedule allowed, so Gina began coming along with me to photo shoots, helping me in any way she could.  Now Gina has her own photography business and I am so proud of her!  I am so lucky to have met a wonderful friend along this journey that brought us to last night, and I am thankful that I was standing at the closed gates of boojum tree with such good friends.  Yes I said CLOSED gates!!  Gina and Drew had chosen the Boojum Tree Hidden Garden for their engagement session, she had called and reserved a space and paid their deposit, so we were shocked when we pulled up to the gates and they were closed and locked for the night!  We called, no one answered, and so we decided to head over to the JW Marriott for some photos.  We had no idea if we would be allowed on property, but with the sun setting and time running out,  we were prepared to ask for forgiveness over permission.  Below are what transpired from the evening.  I really must say, I am happy that we had to go off course.  The pics came out sooo amazing, and I am happy that it was Gina I was standing with at those gates.  I can’t wait for your wedding!   I honestly consider you a wonderful friend of mine Gina.. tell Drew to take care of my grasshopper or I will get very angry 😉

Gina - Justine! I just love you, your work and everything you have done to help me. You are an inspiration and I am truly grateful for your presence in my life. You continue to go above and beyond for Drew and me and we are so in love with the photos. Thank you so much for being an amazing teacher and friend!
Mrs Kim - OMG - If they look this HOT just for their engagement photos, I can't WAIT to see how hot they are going to look on their wedding day!! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!!!