I met Dana and Brady in the elevator of Keely and Derin’s wedding last year at the Hotel Valley Ho.  Brady was staring at me and said I looked familiar.. When I told him my name he immediately remembered me and was like.. “HEY it’s me Brady from elementary school!”  I can’t lie.. I didn’t recognize him one bit.. I remember him from when we were kids and immediately blurted out his full name, , he just looks so different to me now.  When we were kids, Brady was the blondest boy with the biggest blue eyes.. I admit many girls in the second grade thought Brady was just the cutest 😉 .  It is funny how people cross your paths in life, and what role we are to all play in each others lives.  I am glad that we ran into each other and Dana loved my work so much that she trusted me to photograph her and Brady’s Special day.  I told Brady and Dana that I was going to post some of the old grade school photos in this post.. but I remembered all my grade school things are in a dresser drawer at my parents house.. so I will have to get them and post them with the wedding photos :)  I had a blast with you guys and cant wait to work with you again at the wedding.  Congratulations to you both!'[Life iS good engagement photo

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Autumn - sarahinaz, I've been wondering too. I asked on a forum I go to and someone responded back saying that they believe that brick alley way is located right next to Rusty Spurs Saloon- which is on Main St and Brown in Old Town Scottsdale. They said their is a gate on it now- don't know if they lock it too or not. I imagine you can just go into Rusty Spurs Saloon and ask them if you can have access to the alley to take pictures.
sarahinaz - Any chance you'd be willing to share where that narrow brick alley is located? I have seen it in other pro photos taken in Scottsdale. Last time I did a session down there I looked around for it, but couldn't find it for the life of me.
NW Arkansas Photos - I love this session! My favorite is the shot in between the bricks. Very nice!