It always amazes me how many different locations there are to shoot at ASU.  I have shot so many couples here and ALWAYS find a new little nook for photos.  Not to mention, it’s my college, so I am kind of partial to the location, sorry wildcats, lol!  I met Charlene and Brett this past week at ASU for some fun engagement photos.  The first thing I asked was if were were parking legal, cause I didn’t want to get a ticket for parking in the student lots,  and low and behold when we got out.. tickets on our car windows.  I think we got off with warnings, although my ticket was a little vague, still got to figure it out.  But we had a lot of fun anyways.  Ialso learned that while I thought I had the best job ever, Ibecame a little jealous when Charlene told me what she did.. a SHOE BUYER!!  OK, the only thing better than that is diamonds in my opinion :)  Thanks for a great session you two and see you in March!


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