So This is the 3rd time I have gotten to work with the browns!  I love this family, so much fun and Mason is such a doll!  I love being able to watch the children I photograph grow up.  We met this morning at the McCormick Train Park In Scottsdale.  Mason is at the age where portraits are not the least bit interesting to him, so we opted for more candid and in the moment photos.  Mason had fun roaming the playground and mom and dad got banged up on the tiny equipment, not quite made for adult size behinds.  Regardless it was a fun time and we got some great shots!


Justine - You're welcome Tracey :) I am glad you love them.. be in touch VERY soon with the rest of them ;)
Tracey - LOVE these! Of course, you are the BEST! Can't wait to see them all! Thank you SO much and hope your trip was a blast!