Baby Sophie was just a few days old here, and her parents warned me she was a stinker.  She probably wont sleep.. we will probably have a difficult time :)  well Sophie passed right out and let me position her like a champ.  She was so sweet and easy to work with, it was a joy.  Thank you to her parents for trusting me to capture these precious moments.. they dont last long and it is so wonderful that we were able to capture her tiny moments! My sister made me some of the props.. so let me know if you are interested and I can pass along her info :)

Donna - These are absolutely adorable!
Jane Eaton Hamilton - What a sweet little sugar pie. She is adorable.
Travis & Barbie Childs - Thanks Justine for doing such and awesome job with our little Sophie. We now have beautiful pictures to remember this most precious time in her life. You are the best!!!
Susan Austin - I'm so excited for this new baby girl. I don't think her feet will ever touch ground with two lovely grandparents and 4 uncles that certainly love her. Congratulations! Your baby is just beautiful!
Grandma Kendra - ......and Sophie makes ONE!! That's my precious princess Sophie!!
Gandpa Ray - ...... and Sophie makes 3 for me. Two granddaughters and 1 grandson. I'm so lucky.