Baby Noa was just an ANGEL!  Normally, I like to shoot newborns when they are less than a week old, so when Noa’s parents mentioned she was on her way past 6 weeks old already, I was nervous as to what baby we would get.  This is often a time when the babies transition from sleepy bendy babies to alert, fussy and often time stiff babies.  Noa was none of the above, she slept for hours on end, and aside from a few peeps here and there, she was just the sleepiest, squishiest baby ever. I met Noa’s parents over a year ago at a wedding I was photographing, and I am just so honored that they remembered me and sought me out for their newborn photos.  Thank you again!  Enjoy the previews.

Tara Enwiller - I have a 7 week old boy and am looking into a photography session. Due to complications with recovery (me being ill rather than baby), I have not been able to get any good quality photos yet. I am looking for a session next week if possible and wanted to check availability and pricing. Tara
Jennifer DeCesari – Rhode Island newborn photographer - Great job - she's adorable! I love the connection you've shown between parents and child :)
Rebecca Green - These photos are gorgeous! What a beautiful family.
justine - Yes Julie, she is smiling.. she smiled for about 45 seconds at her mom, it was so cute.
Julie - Beautiful! Is the baby smiling at the mom in that family shot? What a sweetheart!
robyn - Aw, what a beautiful baby! I love the family image where she's smiling!
Jenny McMasters - So sweet! I love t he one with the teddy bear hat. It is just such a sweet picture!
Lisa Ostroff - She is just precious!!!
Krissy Allori - Just precious! I can't believe you got a bendy sleepy 6 week old baby! Love them. I'm sure the family is thrilled.
Sophie Crew - Awww, what a sweet baby! I especially love that last one. Great job!
Sarah - Such a beautiful family. I really love that last one!!
Jane Photo - So adorable. What a good-sleeping baby she is. Love that last one with the newborn bend to it!
Tanya Shields - Oh these are sweet! I love the smiles with Mom!
jennifer adams - awww these are so precious and beautiful! Love that last shot especially curled up and squishy!