Hi there, you found me!  I am Justine, of Justine Miller Photography.  Capturing who I am into words is so hard, but I will try.  I am a wife to a wonderful husband, Tyce.  We have three children, Mason, Ashlynn and Ryleigh.  If you skim through the blog, you will see them from time to time , cause I am sort of proud of them all!  Capturing memories has always been an infatuation of mine.  I remember when I was younger, I would sit in my parents car looking out the window at all the Christmas lights, and I would blink extra long because I thought I could imprint that exact moment in my memory if I blinked long enough.  I guess it worked, because to this day I can still see the Christmas lights reflecting on the neighborhood lake that was on the way to my dance class.  It may sound cliche, but I really believe that in this life, the only thing that matters are your memories.  That is why capturing the memories people create is so important to me.  I am not a fashion photographer, My work is not on the cover of Vogue,  I don’t carry fancy expensive lighting set ups, I don’t re-create scenes, I capture the REAL memories you make, and I LOVE doing it. I love life, and the people in my life.  I love most of all watching magic happen to those around me, and many times they don’t realize it is magic.  I love watching the bride’s dad swell up with pride when he gives her away, the cooing of a newborn baby with a tummy full of milk, the child playing peek-a-boo with me as I take their photos.     I cry when magical things happen to my children, because I know someday, the magic will all be gone. They will grow up and fairy tales will just be some Disney movie on a blu-ray disk.  But for now.. Magic is alive, and it will be forever, because I have the pictures to prove it.  Do you?